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Sculpture 2015-18

My work has always possessed the desire to capture the expressive capacity of the medium. Not an exploration of form more really what makes it form. Every blacksmith will tell you heating steel gives it an elacticity you can bend twist you can even melt parts of it so you can join bits together. It is an incredibly adaptable material. However Its a material that all it really wants to do is to return to the earth as iron ore. We endeavour to not let it. My sculpture has endeavoured to push the medium to its absolute extremities, melting and burning it then bringing it back together, going beyond standard blacksmithing practices to see how I could make the medium resemble more like the material it wants to become naturally without actually being it and without losing its usfullness.


I placed this technique/style within natural forms; forms that we would recognize their natural life cycle. Fruits, Animals, Trees, even personal stories from my own life cycle.

I also have a natural cycle with my work, I'm not a machine and I cant naturally repeat the same process over and over again. So I evolve as my work evolves.

Eamonn June 2015

Sculpture 2014

2013 saw the evolution of new smaller range. I find joy in the the frozen energy I capture during the manipulation of molten metals. 2014 has seen steps into patination, which I hope will demonstrate the diversity of my range of work further.


Eamonn, March 2014

Sculpture 2013

At the time of publishing this website, my focus was on down-scaling my work, simplifying the form and allowing the colours and textures to truly take centre stage. I'm excited about the further exploration of the medium's dexterity throughout the remainder of the year.

Eamonn May 2013

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